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      Madame Cerise entered. It is scarcely necessary to say that she was an English womanor, rather, an Irish woman. She was short and fat, with a round, good-natured face, and she and Lady Wyndover greeted each other almost as if they were friends.

      I do not know, said Trafford.

      I have always loved you! she whispered; and he could feel her lips move.She could not help doing what she did, being what she is. She thought that nothing mattered so that I was a marchioness, and would be a duchess some day. I do not blame her, thoughthough she has been as cruel as the rest of you!

      Esmeralda thought her question over before replying.


      Esmeralda looked at her dreamily.Tell me about it, he said, invitingly; and he drew her out as an experienced man of the world can so easily do when he is dealing with an unsophisticated girl. But, though Esmeralda talked of the gold digging, the wild camps, the broad valleys, the lofty mountains, the intense heatin short, the place that had been home to hershe mentioned no names; only alluded to Varley Howard as her guardian, and said absolutely nothing of Norman Druce.


      At one time it was rather a question whether Varley would ever be permitted to go back, for he made so many friends and became so popular in England that, as Lord Selvaine said,[354] it would be cruel of him to leave it. It was wonderful how unanimous was the verdict in Varleys favor, how everybody conspired to make a lion of him, much to his surprise, and how eager every one was to show him the best side of this old but not altogether worn-out England.In the Callender house, as the stair clock sounded the smallest hour of the night, Miranda, seeing the chink under Anna's door to be still luminous, stole to the spot, gently rapped, and winning no response warily let herself in.


      Barker accepted the complete wardrobe with, at any rate, a show of gratitude, consoling herself with the reflection that the new Cerise dresses would also come to her in due course, and then put the finishing touches to Esmeraldas toilet.