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      Interesting to her it was that his levity still remained unsubmerged, failing him only in a final instant: Their hands had clasped in leave-taking and her eyes were lifted to his, when some plea with which "the entire man" seemed overcharged to the very lips was suddenly, subtly, and not this time by disconcertion, but by self-mastery, withheld. Irby put in a stiff good-by, and as he withdrew, Hilary echoed only the same threadbare word more brightly, and was gone; saying to himself as he looked back from the garden's outmost bound:The duke and Lady Lilias and other members of the family had come up to the ducal house in Park Lane, where also was staying the bishop, who was to conduct the ceremony.

      She was at last in the heart of that London of which she had heard. She seemed to be in a dream.

      "Ah, I know your meaning. But if I love you, profoundly, abidingly, consumingly--as I do, Anna Callender, as I do!--and am glad to pledge my soul to you knowing perfectly that you have nothing to confess to me--"

      And she has accepted you? Thank the Lord!


      She looked in the glass. Lady Ada was a beautiful woman; but sheEsmeraldawell, she had been told often enough that she was beautiful, also. Was she to show the white feather in the presence of her rival? A flame of the old Three Star spirit rose once within her bosom, and for the first time since her wedding she displayed some interest in her dress.


      She was glad it was only Flora. "Chrie," tinkled the visitor, "they have permit' me!""There are men that way, Flora. It's hard for us women to realize, but it's true!"


      Even to this the sweet widow's misplaced wrinkles faintly replied, while Greenleaf asked, "Does the Lieutenant's good fortune account for the--'clutches of the dressmaker'?"I will make it up to you, Trafford, she whispered in so low a voice that, but for the movement of her lips, he might have fancied that she had not spoken.