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      "Yesyoublind, crazy with your ambition, repulsive and alone in it. Don't you see?"

      "Backfield's after him!"Chapter 2

      Reuben had not hitherto had much truck with politics. He had played the part of a convinced and conscientious Tory, both at home and in the public-house; and every evening his daughter Tilly had read him the paper, as Naomi had used to do. But he had never done more at an election than record his vote, he had never openly identified himself with the political[Pg 174] life of the district. Now it struck him that if he took a prominent part in this election it would do much to show his indifference to the recent catastrophe, besides giving him a certain standing as a politician, and thus bestowing glory and dignity on Odiam."Well met, then," said Wells; "for the true commons are upno time is to be lostthe prophet is in prison. Let each man steer his own course, muster all the hands he can, and meet on Tower-hill. Hark! that stroke tells oneremember we meet at two, and we will see if the Londoners and men of Kent cannot shake hands before the clock has tolled three."



      "If you're still harping on my politics," said Albert fretfully, "you needn't worry. Either side can go to the devil, for all I care. I suppose it's natural to brood over things down here, but in London one forgets a rumpus fifteen years old."


      How much has been spent on the new wing already? he asked.