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      Yes, I know, said Esmeralda, indifferently. Every one seems to be a duke or an earl, or something with a handle to his name.

      "If you ask me about modern composers, I am for Verdi and Gounod," he said. "For gaiety and charm, give me Auber, Rossini, and Boieldieufor pathos, Weberfor everything, Mozart. There you have the whole of my musical education."

      The death of George I. affected the strange Frederick William very deeply. He not only shed tears, but, if we may be pardoned the expression, blubbered like a child. His health seemed50 to fail, and hypochondria, in its most melancholy form, tormented him. As is not unusual in such cases, he became excessively religious. Every enjoyment was deemed sinful, if we except the indulgence in an ungovernable temper, which the self-righteous king made no attempt to curb. Wilhelmina, describing this state of things with her graphic pen, writes:Lord Blankyre was engaged for this waltz, and looked round in search of Lady Wyndover.

      There was a great difference amongst the prisons of Paris, and the Luxembourg was perhaps the best, most comfortable, and most aristocratic of all, though the Convent des Oiseaux, the Anglaises, and Port Libre, were also very superior to others.


      Over two millions, assented Mr. Pinchook, with unction.Yes, said Esmeralda, this is my first party. It is very beautifulthe lights and the music. They are going to dance now? she added, looking round with intense interest.


      Tallien, the member of the Assembly, the blood-stained popular leader, the pro-consul before whom every one trembled in Bordeaux, was five-and-twenty. The Marquise de Fontenay, who stood before him, knowing that her life was in his hands, was not yet twenty.


      Stop it, boys! he shouted in a leather-lunged voice. Stop it, or some of you will be plugging Her Majestys mail.