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      I see Larry! Yoo-hoo! Sandy shouted."The water's biled off," said he to himself, "but they hain't been in nigh as hot a place as I have. I guess the boys'll have to do with a plain dinner to day. I'm not goin' to stir out o' this place agin unless they're with me."

      "Kin yo' read?" she asked suspiciously.

      Deacon Klegg and the Knight of The Golden Circle."I aint goin' to tech you. I'm too careful what I242 touch. But I'll tie you to that bed and gag you, if you don't do as I say. Get back into bed at once."

      Up, and still climbing, the airplane continued through the fog.

      "That's what we're goin' to do," shouted the boys in reply.

      "I see some men in a canoe out thar. I heared their voices fust," said the first voice.

      Looks bad, this-here, dont it? He grinned.The Spoils of War 105



      CHAPTER XI POP! GOES OUR MYSTERY!Shorty put his hand on Si to caution and repress138 him.


      Shorty fired the remaining shots out of the rebel's revolver.