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      "Yes? Ab-out what?"

      "Oh, doggon me. The moment that boat's gun sounds--if only you're out o' the way--I'll make a try. Go! for Heaven's sake, go!"

      Esmeralda? was Liliass first word.


      As the rearmost ship was passing the house Anna, her comeliness restored, half rose from her bed, where Miranda stood trying to keep her. From all the far side of the house remotely sounded the smart tramp and shuffle of servants clearing away wreckage, and the din of their makeshift repairs. She was "all right again," she said as she sat, but the abstraction of her eyes and the harkening droop of her head showed that inwardly she still saw and heard the death-struck boy.



      At the approach of visitors from the camp, Trafford invariably disappeared; he could not endure to meet any oneleast of all, Varley and Norman. He had a reckoning to make with both, but he postponed it. His anger against Norman had become dwarfed and dulled by the vastness of his anxiety for Esmeralda. There was no room in his heart for rage or jealousy, or any feeling but a consuming love.