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      "When did you get back from Mobile?" asked Anna seeing he must be headed off."Go!" she said, "telegraph your uncle! instantly!"

      Yes, dearest, pity me! he said. Pity me for all my blindness has cost me!Two or three men scrambled down and were instantly surrounded, but the coachman did not move for a minute; then he turned to some one on the seat behind him and said something.

      He inclined his head with a terrible calmness.Esmeraldagive me my answer! Will you be my wife? Ah! forgive me; I ought not to ask you now

      The lone reader's glance loitered down a long row of slim paragraphs, each beginning with the same wee picture of a steamboat whether it proclaimed the Grand Duke or the Louis d'Or, the Ingomar bound for the "Lower Coast," or the Natchez for "Vicksburg and the Bends." Shifting the page, he read of the Swiss Bell-Ringers as back again "after a six years' absence," and at the next item really knew what he read. It was of John Owens' appearance, every night, as Caleb Plummer in "Dot," "performance to begin at seven o'clock." Was it there Adolphe would this evening take his party, of which the dazzling Flora would be one and Anna, he hoped, another? He had proposed this party to Adolphe, agreeing to bear its whole cost if the nephew would manage to include in it Anna and Hilary. And Irby had duly reported complete success and drawn on him, but the old soldier still told his doubts to the newspaper.




      "Doesn't he sing it yet?" asked Mrs. Callender.


      "At present, you mean?"